4 Best Cyber Monday Sales Statistics From Last Year

A lot of people think that the Cyber Monday sales are something that is taken advantage of from the big brands in order to spike more sales and get more shoppers right after Black Friday. However, the potential of Cyber Monday has been great over the past couple of years, with 2016 being the best year so far.

Now, the Cyber Monday sales in 2017 are expected to be even bigger – and the offers even greater. Below, we are listing some statistics from the last year In order to show you why Cyber Monday 2017 is again going to be a hit

1.More than $3.45bn were spent on that day alone

The Cyber Monday sales in 2016 have climbed to a record – with more than $3.45 billion dollars spent on different goods, products and items over the Internet. That is easily the day with the most sales in US shopping history.

2.Cyber Monday has experienced a 12.1% popularity jump last year

Second of all is the statistic that clearly shows that last year, there were 12.1% more sales during Cyber Monday compared to the previous year. Knowing that the Cyber Monday sales in 2017 will be spiking even more, it is no wonder if the online world crosses the $5bn mark.

3.Mobile shopping is a trend during Cyber Monday sales

Mobile shoppers have one big advantage – they are able to jump from store to store and buy multiple products in seconds. This means that the Cyber Monday sales show a huge potential for mobile users who are always ready to unlock their devices and start shopping.

4.Apps revolutionize shopping during Cyber Monday sales

What’s a better way to shop from a brand that you trust than use their website?

It’s simple – use their app instead. Some of the eCommerce leaders like Amazon and eBay know this and are making use of it every single year. And that is how they encourage more mobile visits over Cyber Monday and the shopping season.

In the end, it is more than clear that Cyber Monday has risen to a new level the last year – and that it is going to rise even more this year. All you need to do is gather your info, make a plan of the things you need to buy – and be smart when shopping!

So, how prepared are you for the upcoming Cyber Monday sales?